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  • Will change of government regime have effects on my investments?

MCIDCwas set up explicitly to facilitate business development without political involvement. You will of course be required to fulfil all necessary legal and regulatory obligations

  • Do investors need the support of the county executive and assembly?

All investments done in collaboration with MCIDCalready have full political support and backing

  • Will the community be consulted to obtain their support?

Community participation and engagement is done for all projects

  • Is there land available where we need it?

We work together to identify suitable land that meets your needs

  • How credible is the data and information for investors?

Our data is very reliable from respective county departments and research done in partnership with USAID. However potential investors are welcome to conduct their own analyses

  • Does the corporation have the internal capacity to design, structure and execute deals?

The team is composed of highly skilled an competent individuals with considerable experience

  • Is the corporation’s existence dependent on the county government currently in power?

MCIDCis a semi-autonomous body corporate with perpetual succession independent of the county government in power

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