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Meru is an agricultural County due to favorable agro-ecological conditions, fertile soils and good rainfall patterns. Meru is famed for a wide range of products including; Bananas, Mangoes, Potatoes, Miraa, Tea, Coffee, Horticulture, Dairy, Beef, Poultry, fish among others. We are among the leading producer in the Country. There is a great investment opportunity in all the agricultural produce chains.


We are keen in promoting investment in value addition of these products:-

  • Potato processing into frozen chips, crisps, starch etc.
  • Banana Processing into banana crisps, banana puree, flour etc.
  • Miraa Value addition
  • Processing and Packaging Meru coffee and tea
  • Construction of grain storage facilities and ware houses
  • Processing of fruits such as passion, mango and carrots
  • Value addition for vegetables into dried vegetables for export and vegetable.
  • Poultry and Fish processing
  • Meat
  • Skins and leather

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